The Chapel is very much part of the community of Rowney Green. The Chapel provides a place for people to come for regular weekly public worship and offers family friendly worship at major Christian Festivals: Easter, Christmas and Pentecost which are all celebrated with vigour!   There are times when these popular celebrations are held in the Village Hall to provide more space for the congregation (please check the church notice board to find out about these special services).   The Chapel is a place of tranquillity and renewal and as such is an ideal space for private prayer for the local community, both village residents and for those who happen upon us by accident: walkers and ramblers.   But for all this we feel our role in the local community goes further than being a special building and providing sacred places for prayer and worship,  as the disciples of Christ, the church members seek to offer the love of Christ in practical ways, building relationships and offering friendship in the name of Christ.