Living in a rural community is very different from city living, or even suburban life.  There is an intimacy found in village life which means that love of neighbour is very much something lived out day by day, by those church members who live in the village.  The church of Rowney Green sees its local mission as reaching out to the residents of the village; offering a listening ear, a promise of prayer and a word of hope.  As well as the Chapel itself being a space for people to come and just be if that is what is needed.  A monthly ‘Chapel Lunch’ is served at 12.30 on the second Wednesday of every month – all are welcome.

The church community supports local, national and international charities in a variety of ways as well as through fundraising and prayer.    If you would like to support the work of this church in its valuable work then please get in touch with our minister or one of the church stewards.

A hymn by Wood & Worsfold entitled “Beyond these walls of worship …” speaks of worship as part of our life, in service to God and to one another.   This worship ‘beyond the walls’ of the chapel is part of the mission of the church community who seek to offer the good news of Jesus Christ, the compassion of God and to kindle the flame of the Holy Spirit.  So don’t be surprised to hear something of God as you walk through the lanes of the village!